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WWWC Reservation & Induction Kit

WWWC Welcome Pack

  • The Non-Pc Diet Digital Book
  • Art of Exercise Digital Book
  • The Positive Mind Set Hypnosis Audio
  • Coaching Videos
  • Focus Goal Audio
  • Weight Loss Motivation Questionnaire
  • Food Diary & Activity Diary

The Non Pc Diet Book:

Whether you are vegan , vegetarian, pescatarian or meat eater, The Non-Pc Diet is perfect for you.

You can go Non-Pc, you can do the Keto, you can do the 5:2 you can even do Slimming World or Weight Watchers, its the coaching you need, and as long as you are reducing your Processed Carbohydrates, you are losing excess fat!!

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5 PDF and 1 MP3
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